We Are Dog Lovers

Funny Dog Shirts.com was founded by a married couple Albert and Laura. We love dogs and all animals and believe they should be cherished and protected. We have 11 animals here at home with 3 of them being beautiful rescued dogs.

Funny Dog Shirts.Com Family Dogs: Tessa, Huxley, and Jax

Laura has been a longtime rescue advocate for dogs as a dog foster mom, caring and loving dozens of neglected dogs who needed it throughout the years. 


American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

We are dog lovers ourselves and want to give back, that is why a Portion of EACH purchase made on this site will be donated to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation on a monthly basis, unless it is a specific dog breed design. 


For dog breed specific designs we will be donating to a reputable breed specific rescue. We are always looking for good rescues to add to our list to support so feel free to let us know of rescues we should support. Each breed specific product will also state which dog rescue we will be donating to with your purchase.


Tessa - The sweetest most lovable rescue dog we could have ever hoped for. We believe she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Her story is a pretty wild one. Laura had a random dream about her and told me we had to go get her from the animal shelter out of the blue. She was going to be euthanized, because she had some aggression issues with other dogs, we also suspect she was abused. All she needed was a safe place and some love and now she adores her brothers Huxley, Jax and even our cat Mia.  

Funny Dog Shirts Family Dog TessaFunny Dog Shirts Family Dog Tessa

Huxley - Rambunctious protector of mommy. Huxley was left for dead in a very bad situation nearly 5 years ago. Laura rescued him and nursed him back to life. Today this dog is happy and healthy and can be found not 12 inches away from mommy at all times. Hes a bit neurotic and jumpy but, he is so loving, energetic and funny. His favorite pass time is chasing Tessa around the backyard at 37 mph throwing dirt everywhere.  

 Funny Dog Shirts Family Dog Huxley's StoryFunny Dog Shirts Family Dog Huxley Enjoying the Day with Mom

Jax - The old man of the group he is nearly 18 years old. He was found wandering the streets abandoned all those years ago and he has been a beautiful sweet pup ever since. Jax is the oldest and has some health issues, we do our best to ensure he is comfortable and taken care of. He is a wise and loyal brother to his younger siblings. 

Funny Dog Shirts Family Dog JaxFunny Dog Shirts Family Dog Member Jax